UGO Travel for Change offers legendary volunteer experiences coupled with powerful life coaching, tools and techniques for those looking to bring more clarity and purpose to their lives, while giving back.

Do you need to get away from your day to day life to figure things out?  

Do you crave more purpose or long to make a real difference in the world?

Between family, work and a hectic life do you feel you have lost yourself along the way and want to reconnect with yourself?  

Do you feel like you are ready for a change in life and want to shake things up?

You need UGO Travel for Change!

Reflect, take powerful action, give back, escape the routine, join your tribe, find fulfillment and passion, reconnect to you, all in our life-changing program that includes an epic volunteer trip abroad.  

You will:

  • Feel rejuvenated and refreshed
  • Have more clarity in your life
  • A greater sense of purpose
  • Be embraced by an extraordinary community of like minded friends ready to support you and help you thrive.

Living a legendary life starts with UGO Travel for Change.


Our Next Trip

Are you craving more in your life? More purpose, more fulfillment, more FUN?

Ready to leave your day-to-day routine, shake things up a bit, and experience something truly EPIC?

Sick of taking care of everyone else, and looking to take care of YOU for a change?!?

If you’re nodding you’re your head right now, we have exciting news for you…

Women Living Big and UGO Travel for Change is joining forces to create the ultimate life changing experience abroad. And moreover, an opportunity to be a part of a powerful community for life…

Join us as we take flight for Tanzania – to GIVE BIG as we volunteer with Dare Women, LEARN BIG as we explore the history and beauty of Tanzania, and PLAY BIG as we summit Kilimanjaro together in 2018!

This transformative experience is about giving back, taking powerful action, getting outside of your comfort zone, achieving what you never thought possible, personal growth and reflection, escaping the routine, finding your tribe, building deep connections, discovering greater fulfilment, purpose, & passion, and reconnecting to YOU ~  it truly will be a once-in-lifetime opportunity.

After this epic experience, you will:

  • Feel a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction
  • Experience a whole new leash on life
  • Gain more clarity on what you want in life
  • Connect to a greater sense of purpose
  • Engage with an extraordinary community of like-minded, brave women
  • Enjoy increased confidence.

Your life will matter in a whole new way.

It’s time to…




Volunteer Abroad, Journey Within.  

Creating lasting change for yourself and the world.


What you can expect:

Your epic journey starts well before your trip and lasts long after.

You’ll embark on a powerful five month process that features an abundance of learning, dynamic self reflection, physical training, meaningful service, and deep connection with yourself, your team, and your greater purpose.

You’ll dive deep into self discovery through structured group coaching and programming as well as during cozy fireside chats and shared meals. You will have the added benefit of working with both Jill Valentine – Founder of UGO Travel for Change & Transformation Travel Coach and Carol Schulte, Founder of Women Living Big and creator of “Spark your G.E.N.I.U.S”.

You’ll be immersed in a different culture, learn Swahili, eat local food, volunteer and learn new skills, and make new lifelong friends. Getting out of your comfort zone you will reap the rewards of challenging yourself and your perspective on the world.

You’ll work alongside local women who are part of the DARE WOMEN’S FOUNDATION in Arusha, as well as provide workshops to educate and empower them. As a team we will learn what the community needs most and from there develop a long term plan to support them when we return home. You’ll be a part of truly changing the lives of women in need ~ and there’s no better feeling than knowing you are making a real difference.

You’ll embark on an epic journey on your way up to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, while building authentic, enduring relationships with your team members and the local community. This community will become your tribe, cheering you on, supporting you, and celebrating with you every step of the way.

Through UGO’s unique and innovative Triple Change Effect approach and Carol’s Spark your G.E.N.I.U.S. program, you will have the tools to profoundly transform yourself, your community, and your world.

PLUS You will feel empowered and excited to make the necessary changes to lead a happy and fulfilling life!

Group & Personal Work Starts: April 2018 TBC

  • Includes 4 Group Coaching calls with your team, powerful coaching modules, and Transformational Travel Journal & The Spark Your G.E.N.I.U.S Program


Machame Route is approaching the summit through the forest from the west and joins the other trekking routes before traversing beneath the southern ice fields of Kibo. The rainforest is extremely beautiful.

The Machame route is a best choice for people who want to enjoy a scenic hike on a challenging route. It is popularly known as the Whiskey route, begins at Kilimanjaro climbing Machame Gate, and you can takes 7day or 6 days for the best acclimatization the machame route located in the southern base of mountain, within its green, abundant rainforest.

Based upon our interviews with several leading operators, the 7 day Machame has an average summit success rate in excess of 85% whilst the 6 day option has a 73% average success rate.

The 7 day Machame route is highly recommended and used by most prominent Kilimanjaro operators.

Where You will Stay & What You will Eat:

Teams stay at modest, comfortable hotels with two to four people per room and enjoy a variety of cuisine prepared by locals.

What’s Included:

Our program starts with self directed reflection and group coaching two months prior to departure, and continues for 3 months after you return home. The trip fee includes a donation to our in-country charitable partners, 1 year UGO & WLB community membership, and volunteer placement activities. While in Tanzania, all of your accommodations, three daily meals, bottled and/or purified water, and entrance fees to activities. Also included in your fees is a local team leader, who will be available 24 hours a day, as well as a 24-hour emergency service.

Your program fee does not include travel medical insurance, passport and visa fees, or flights.

Your investment:

Full Cost: $6,499 USD

Early Bird: $5,999 USD  Available Until December 15th, 2017



When you apply and are accepted before Dec. 15th, you will receive an ANNUAL membership to the Women Living Big – TRIBE! This is a year-long program designed for women who are ready to play bigger in all areas of their lives. With monthly themes, bi-weekly calls, and weekly exercises, you will be challenged to dig deeper, dream bigger, and be a part of a powerful, accountable community to make sure you make it happen. (VALUE $588)

1-on-1 45-min coaching call with transformational travel coach, Jill Valentine!  (VALUE $247)

1-on-1 45-min coaching call with women’s empowerment coach, Carol Schulte! (VALUE $247)


*A deposit of $500 USD will secure your spot at the earlybird rate.

*We will be organizing fundraising initiatives leading up to this trip

*Payment plans are available

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?



Nicole Hrinco


+1 416 871 8718

Jill Valentine


+1 647 781 8167

Carol Schulte


+1 416 727-0550




The Dare Women’s Foundation is an NGO working to empower Tanzanian women and girls, with a focus on rural areas, through poverty alleviation, social justice, economic empowerment, and gender equality. The Dare Women’s Foundation is located in Tanzania and is currently working in the Northern region in places like Machame, Kabuku, Arusha, and others.


Many of the women they work with have endured tragedies such as rape, discrimination, domestic violence. Most all of them deal with lack of feminine hygiene care, little nutrition and conservation education, young marriage, and large family size due to lack of contraception and sex education. By bringing these women together, educating them about their rights, giving them a voice, and supporting them in their endeavors, the Dare Women’s Foundation is changing Tanzania one woman at a time. When you educate a girl, you educate a community.



Many Tanzanian women face challenges such as discrimination, domestic violence, rape, lack of feminine hygiene care, and struggle to make an income. They do not have anyone to share these problems with and many women become depressed or experience anxiety. In addition, it is difficult for women to afford transportation to the court to defend their cases.

The Dare Women’s Foundation works to bring women together for community meetings or to work on social entrepreneurship ventures. We also provide counseling and psychologists to women in need. When women have a strong support group, they can empower each other to stand up against discrimination.


Many Tanzanian women, especially in rural areas, do not have access to feminine hygiene products because stores are far away and it is expensive to afford them each month. They use old cloth and cornhusks instead, which can cause fungal infections and embarrassing leaks and odors. This creates a barrier to their work and education because many girls skip school and work during menstruation.

The Dare Women’s Foundation is training women to make reusable pads. A core group of women will start their own small businesses making and selling pads. Reusable pads are cheaper than disposable pads, last up to a year, are environmentally friendly, and eliminate the need to go to a store each month. Check out our sewing pattern and instruction manual to learn how to make your own reusable pads!


It is difficult for Tanzanian women to access the support they need to start their own small businesses, such as micro loans or advising. Earning an income for women means empowerment. When women contribute to their household’s income, they are often more respected by their male peers and research has shown that women are likely to spend their money on their children’s education.

The Dare Women’s Foundation is working to help women start small businesses by providing micro loans and encouraging creativity and innovation. Some recent projects include making carpets out of littered produce bags, making shoes out of recycled tires, and making jewelry out of beads, fabric, and local plants. We always keep conservation in mind in each of our projects.


Without formal nutrition education in schools and communities, the diet of many Tanzanians consists of only starches and simple carbohydrates. While these foods keep them full, healthy fruits and vegetables are cheaper than carbohydrates and are readily available at markets. Community members, particularly the women who make food for the family, are not aware of the healthier options.

The Dare Women’s Foundation works with women and school children to share knowledge about nutrition and the importance of balanced meals. Additionally, we help communities start organic farms that feed their families and provide a source of income while promoting conservation.

While education is the key to escaping poverty, many Tanzanian school children face multiple barriers to education. These barriers include lack of parental support, school fees, school supplies, home chores, and living too far from a school. Additionally, girls face barriers such as discrimination and lack of feminine hygiene care.

The Dare Women’s Foundation helps parents and communities understand the importance of education through community outreach. Additionally, we raise money to fund the costs associated with school, provide feminine hygiene products to girls, and support informal educational endeavors in the community.

National Park entry fees in Tanzania are very difficult to afford. Therefore, many local Tanzanians cannot afford to go to them and are unaware of the wildlife and natural resources available in their country. Safari guiding is a profession which is largely male-dominated. There are only 6 women safari guides in Tanzania, including Maggie Duncan Simbeye, founder of the Dare Women’s Foundation.

The Dare Women’s Foundation takes women and children on safaris, which they otherwise could not afford. When they learn about their environment, they can pass the information off to other community members, therefore spreading information on the importance of conservation.

Rugby is very popular in Tanzania, however, the opportunity for girls to play is rare. Young women in Tanzania are faced with a great number of financial, physical, and psychological adversities and rugby offers a great outlet. The need for this project is born from how critical a girl’s youth is to her future.

Dare Rugby provides girls and women with a network of support and guidance. Dare Rugby will work to give young women the rugby experience. Rugby and its values of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline, and sportsmanship, will have a positive impact on the girls and the entire community of Arusha.


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Why UGO?

The Triple Change Effect:

At UGO we believe there is no magic bullet for profound change…making true lasting change in your life doesn’t happen by just changing a habit, your mindset, or your job.  At UGO we use the Triple Change Effect.  We help transform you, your community and your world for sustainable real change.  

YOU – Before, during and after your trip we provide powerful transformative coaching using travel and service as they key tools to help you discover yourself so you can gain clarity around what makes you happy and feel alive, and what changes you need to make in your life to make it happen.

YOUR COMMUNITY – The people in your life have a huge impact on your life. UGO helps you navigate your current relationships with your family, friends, colleagues and community that play a significant role in your happiness, sense of belonging and purpose. UGO also provides and fosters a community of like minded individuals for you to connect with and share your life changing experience with.  Finally UGO helps you explore how you can make a difference in your own local community.

YOUR WORLD – UGO partners with local communities and charities on a sustainable long-term basis so the time, money and energy you spend abroad really helps to affect true change for the people and organizations you’ll meet.  While abroad you will get to explore how you as an individual can continue to support the locals you have met when you return home with the help of the UGO community.  UGO gives you the opportunity to truly make a difference in your world.