From Chaos to Costa Rica – Reflections from Far Away on a Bumpy Bus

The last few months have led to many discoveries. I recently dived back into the traditional workplace – I gotta real job (notice my sarcasm). The contract was a worthy experience and I am now back at entrepreneurship full time.

To cleanse my soul, find my purpose (I called it EAT, LOVE and VOLUNTEER), I decided to take a UGO Travel for Change trip to Costa Rica. Into the depths of the rainforest (if you wonder if it rains in the rainforest I can tell you, yes it does – a lot.) I reemerged a better version of myself.


Lighten your load – Only take what you need and leave what doesn’t work behind (also why not lighten that load by donating what could be useful to someone else?)

Live for yourself, your people but not things or your ego.

Believe you are capable. Doubting yourself? Not sure you can do it? Don’t over think it and just try and be curious to see what happens.

Challenge yourself to be in the moment.

Have gratitude. I know it is overstated- but really is it? Feel strength from reflection and thankfulness… we grow and live longer in the process.

Just be. You don’t have to always have to do – especially if you are feeling insecure….. Just stop and wait it out.


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