How to Overcome the 5 Biggest Excuses Holding You Back From Your Dream Trip

Have you been longing to get away but just can’t pull the trigger?  Are you convinced you just “can’t afford it” or “the time isn’t right”?

These are the most common excuses I’ve heard as a Transformative Travel coach and sadly many let these illusions hold them back.  I’m happy to report that many  of my clients who at first believed these myths but took the plunge and came on a trip – they didn’t have a single regret after experiencing the trip of a lifetime.  They didn’t go bankrupt, didn’t lose their job and in fact a few came home and quit their jobs to lead the life they always wants. Through my countless trips I’ve heard all kinds of excuses but have also figured out a way to help my clients overcome them. Below are the top 5 so far.  Message me if you have a few of your own. I’d love to hear from you and help you get out of your own way.

Nothing beats living a fulfilling, enriching, life and UGO trips are designed to get you there.

  1. “I’m too busy with work.” I get it…you believe that if you miss work you will fall behind, work and emails will pile up while you’re gone, your boss will think you’re not committed to your job and not give you that raise or promotion you’ve been working towards…your career and work will suffer.  But is that really what life is all about?! In the end, will you remember that dull week of work or will you remember those incredible memories and moments from your vacation?  Research has shown that employees who took 10 days or less vacation are LESS likely to receive a raise or bonus in the last 3 years than those who took 11 days or more!!Time away is a chance to recharge, relax, reconnect with your family and passions so you come back to work re-energized, productive and motivated.  The trick to avoiding the back to work woes is to plan your trip in advance, notify everyone so they can plan accordingly and stop sending unnecessary emails and build in a buffer day when you get back to catch up before you are “officially” back to work.  Stop putting off living – put in your vacation request TODAY!
  2. “I can’t leave my kids”  The guilt parents feel around leaving their kids can be serious and heavy but what if instead of seeing it as you depriving them of their mommy or daddy for a week you see it as an amazing opportunity for them to bond with their other parent, loving grandparents or doting uncle and aunt and a chance to really foster their independence.When I left my 22 month old daughter for 2 weeks to lead a trip to volunteer abroad in Nepal I knew she would miss me (and I would miss her) but knowing that I was a globe-trotting humanitarian role-model for her and she would never feel she couldn’t have it all in life, I felt great about my decision.  It took some advance planning with meal prep, scheduling caregivers and transfers between various relatives but after my well deserved “me time”  I returned well rested, re-energized, and ready to keep rockin’ motherhood and everything else on my plate.
  3. “I have no one to go with” Firstly, solo travel, especially for women, can be SUPER empowering, really push you out of your comfort zone and help you grow.  There are also tons of great online resources and groups to support you travelling alone.  If however you just aren’t into solo travel there are lots companies that offer diverse and engaging group travel including UGO Travel for Change and it’s an amazing opportunity to make fabulous friends who you can travel with in the future. UGO’s epic program brings together an amazing group of heart-centered individuals who you will become lifelong friends with after an incredible week of volunteering together and bonding over life changing memories.
  4. “I can’t afford it right now” For some people, like the 23-year-old I sponsor in Uganda who is working to feed and educate his 4 younger siblings after the loss of his parents, this is actually the truth…for others it’s just an excuse and travel or giving back just isn’t enough of a priority.  If you REALLY wanted to go on a trip…you can make it happen!!  If you are reading this thinking…oh my goodness that’s me just full of my excuses and you are ready to live an epic life, seize the day, and find the funds to make that life changing trip happen, check out last week’s blog.
  5. “I’ll do it someday” Of course you will!! When you were unemployed you just needed a job to afford it.  Then you got the job and now you are just waiting for the promotion.  Or maybe you’re waiting for the kids to grow-up and leave for school in what…a decade? Until you lose some weight? Until life isn’t so hectic? Until your parents are less needy?  Until….what??  Here’s the thing…If you don’t really want to travel then don’t.  But if you do want to really see the world, cross off a bucket item list, volunteer abroad, have some “me” time, take that mother/daughter trip, go on an adventure, take that trip of a lifetime…then what are you really waiting for? Whose approval are you seeking? Say yes to YOU!! Take the empowering step of booking that trip and start really living your life today!! Don’t wait for the perfect moment as it may never come!

Take that trip you’ve always dreamed of THIS YEAR! Submit your vacation request today! Call your family today to let them know you are finally taking some “me” time.  Skip this afternoon’s latte and put your savings into your travel account.  Apply now to join UGO Travel for Change for an epic trip of a lifetime volunteering abroad.  I promise you won’t regret it!


Jill Valentine, B.Sc., RT, CLC, – Transformative Travel Coach

Jill Valentine is a co-founder of UGO Travel for Change, founder and author of Dare to be a Dandelion, and a pioneer in the transformative travel arena.  As a Transformational Travel Coach Jill harnesses the innate powers of travel and volunteerism as tools for sustainable personal and global change.  A passionate humanitarian, volunteerism specialist and world traveller, she lives by the words “Make it happen!”

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