Why UGO?

The Triple Change Effect:

At UGO we believe there is no magic bullet for profound change…making true lasting change in your life doesn’t happen by just changing a habit, your mindset, or your job.  At UGO we use the Triple Change Effect.  We help transform you, your community and your world for sustainable real change.  

YOU – Before, during and after your trip we provide powerful transformative coaching using travel and service as they key tools to help you discover yourself so you can gain clarity around what makes you happy and feel alive, and what changes you need to make in your life to make it happen.

YOUR COMMUNITY – The people in your life have a huge impact on your life. UGO helps you navigate your current relationships with your family, friends, colleagues and community that play a significant role in your happiness, sense of belonging and purpose. UGO also provides and fosters a community of like minded individuals for you to connect with and share your life changing experience with.  Finally UGO helps you explore how you can make a difference in your own local community.

YOUR WORLD – UGO partners with local communities and charities on a sustainable long-term basis so the time, money and energy you spend abroad really helps to affect true change for the people and organizations you’ll meet.  While abroad you will get to explore how you as an individual can continue to support the locals you have met when you return home with the help of the UGO community.  UGO gives you the opportunity to truly make a difference in your world.